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MBOX to PST Converter - billysalls7 - 08-08-2016 06:06 AM

Get the most usable MBOX to PST Converter software Which can easily convert OperaMail, Pocomail, Mozillamail, Spicebird, SeaMonkey, Mutt, ClawsMail, Entourage, Thunderbird, Turnpike, Apple Mail, Eudora, Mulberry, Netscape, Gnu Mail, Sylpheed, MailCopa, Berkeley, Earthlink, The BAT, Evolution, Cone, Chaso Intellect etc MBOX files to PST, MSG and EML formats.It is compatible with prominent using Outlook version 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Get more detail click here:- Mbox to Pst Converter

RE: MBOX to PST Converter - maneet - 08-09-2016 11:07 PM

Control MBOX file of Entourage, OperaMail, Thunderbird, MozillaMail, Spicebird, Apple Mail, Pocomail, Netscape, Incredimail, ClawsMail, Evolution, Eudora, Sylpheed, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, etc. email client's application in Outlook email platform where PST is a medium of email communication. Lets take a tour of free MBOX to PST Conversion technique from the link: https://goo.gl/ZdCdUF

RE: MBOX to PST Converter - eundaniel - 08-16-2016 10:43 PM

Successful conversion of MBOX files into Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird or Power mail in Outlook PST file created importable perform. With this software you can not think about whether care creates the files with Postbox, Netscape, PocoMail, Eudora, Opera Mail client Spice Bird and easy. See at: http://www.mboxtopstconverter.recoverydeletedfiles.com

RE: MBOX to PST Converter - frankbecker - 08-29-2016 01:13 AM

Importing MBOX file's data into Outlook PST is quite typical. You need to follow the steps carefully, because executing the wrong process will make your MBOX file inaccessible. To be on the safe side, you may create backup of the original file before starting any conversion process.
First, you will have to export MBOX files in the Eudora mail client application and then finally import all exported data to an MS Outlook format. This procedure is lengthy and time consuming. Check the below recommended blog post has all the steps explained.
Convert MBOX file to PST format via Easy Manual Tricks.
Other then you can also try SysInfoTools MBOX to PST Converter Tool.
[Image: 2utjb4k.png]

RE: MBOX to PST Converter - jameswold - 12-02-2016 08:11 AM

Mail Extractor Pro is an MBOX TO PST Converter which convert your Apple Mail/ MBOX to PST file format for Outlook. It is simple , quick and easy to use.

Read more at: http://www.uslsoftware.com/mbox-to-pst-converter-for-mac/

RE: MBOX to PST Converter - venntorrence - 01-06-2017 12:06 AM

Use MBOX to PST wizard to convert MBOX files to PST format, for the solution of MBOX conversion, I would like to suggest you to third party MBOX to PST wizard. One such converter tool I found at here: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/DataHelp-MBOX-to-PST-16ae8d1e , this is one of the best MBOX converter tool to export MBOX files of multiple email clients & convert into Outlook compatible PST format.