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bleu led - michel999 - 11-23-2016 07:32 AM


I have a Drobo 4 bay second generation. Wen I plug in on my Mac all the bleu led lit with 2 new disk in or out. The Drobo dont mount on the Mac .

thank you for help.


RE: bleu led - Paul - 11-23-2016 05:53 PM

hi michel,
do you know if all 10 of the blue lights stay on all the time, or do the blue lights change afterwards?

also, if you are using a firewire cable, does using a direct usb cable help? (or maybe the other way around if you currently use usb)

RE: bleu led - michel999 - 11-23-2016 06:13 PM

Hi Paul,

All 10 of the blue lights stay on all the time son as I plug the power on. I try with empty disk in or out.
I also try usb and firewire. I have the last version of dashboard install on the iMac OS X Sierra.

Thank you for your time


RE: bleu led - Paul - 11-23-2016 06:28 PM

thanks for more info michel,
can dashboard still actually see the empty drobo?

if yes, it might be worth trying to put your drobo into a readonly mode, for example as mentioned here:

and then to power all off, and unplug all cables from your drobo
and then with power still all off and unplugged, to put in your diskpack drives back into where they were before
and then to power up the drobo (unconnected)
(does it boot up in the same way, and remain all lit, or does it seem to boot more nornally?)

either way, after letting it boot up for at least 30mins, if you then power up the computer and dashboard
and then connect the drobo to the computer,
does it help to mount the drobo in any way?

RE: bleu led - michel999 - 11-23-2016 06:44 PM

Hi Paul,

I have the Drobo empty bay and unplug (usb) and power.

Than, wen I put the power on the bleu led turn on and still on. Then I plug the usb and even after hours the Drobo never mount on the iMac.

I have it since 2012 may be is time is done ?

Thank you again for help.


RE: bleu led - Paul - 11-25-2016 05:26 PM

hi michel,
if your dashboard is not able to find it, and those blue lights are still on, even when empty, then yes it could be that the hardware has unfortunately failed after 4-5 years.

if the diskpack is ok, then you might be able to follow the migration process with a compatible replacement model, to get access to your data again, for example as mentioned here:

(you probably already know this, but please remember that diskpack drives should only be removed, or inserted, in their entirety, only when power is all OFF and cables unplugged)

if you do get a replacement unit, please feel free to let us know how things go

RE: bleu led - michel999 - 11-25-2016 05:52 PM

Hi Paul,

I think i have no choice and i am going to buy a drobo 5D

Again, thank you for your time


RE: bleu led - Paul - 11-28-2016 09:39 PM

ah thanks michel, i keep my fingers crossed your migration goes ok

(i successfully migrated the diskpack from my drobo-s-gen2 into another repacement model)
and another user was recently able to do a successful migration for example here too: