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2nd gen Drobo in perpetual "Data Protection" mode?
Yesterday, 12:33 PM
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2nd gen Drobo in perpetual "Data Protection" mode?
About a week and a half ago I came to my comp after copying a few gigs of stuff to my drobo and noticed that all 4 drives were blinking orange/green. I looked at the drobodash and it said Drobo was in data protection mode but still useable and "Do not remove any hard drives with blinking lights" (which I guess means don't remove any drives). That was around 8-9 days ago, I had a power outage and so, like it or not, the drobo was "powered down then powered up again" and it went right back to the orange/green blinking. Should it really take this long?

-I am running win10.
-Dashboard 2.8.5 [87185]
-firmware: latest probably (dashboard now doesn't see my drobo but I usually update everything when I am told something new is available).
-I can access my drobo
-I have three 3tb drives and one 2tb drive, around 70% full last time I looked (7 of 10 blue dots showing up, no messages about running out of drive space)
-its connected via usb 2.0

Any help would really be appreciated!
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