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Can You Help With Formatting/iSCSI Clarification?
02-02-2017, 04:42 PM
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Can You Help With Formatting/iSCSI Clarification?
I'm finally getting around to setting up this Drobo 800i that I got from my company. I set it up using the USB cable, and then could not connect to it via iSCSI from my Mac. I found out about the whole "iSCSI initiator not being included any more" (bummer), but luckily our household is heterogenous when it comes to tech so I had a Windows computer lying around that allowed me to connect to the Drobo over iSCSI.

Here's where I'm getting confused.:

- when I went to format the drives, the only options were NTFS, Cluster, or None. It appears then that the Drobo Dashboard will only allow you to create a volume formatted to be compatible with the source OS, i.e. there will not be an option to create an HPFS+ volume unless I'm connecting from a Mac. Is that true?

- Kind've related to the first question, I thought I'd be able to create volumes using my Windows computer and then mount them on my various Mac devices (Macbook, iPad, etc.) as I do now with my FreeNAS setup using CIFS/SMB (FileExplorer on the iPad). Is that not going to be possible because of iSCSI? Would I have to invest in an initiator for every non-Windows device I want to use?

I guess the ultimate question is, in my Windows/Macbook Pro/iPad household, is there any chance I would be able to get this Drobo set up to allow those devices read/write access?
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