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What does Repair do? How dangerous?
02-07-2017, 02:11 PM
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What does Repair do? How dangerous?
Does anyone have experience using Repair? My understanding is that it fixes a damaged filesystem. But I've seen warnings about its potential to lose files. I am trying to understand what could be lost. Would Repair only lose those files which might have been open for write, at the time it was shutdown? Or could it lose any random (or even all) files?

I wrote about this in a separate post, but since it seems that Repair is my only recourse, I am wondering what I might, realistically, expect? I had used the Dashboard to shutdown my 5N after the activity lights were running inexplicably long (hours and hours). When I restarted, the Drobo was left with Health: Critical while all the drives' status, themselves, were "Good" and there is still 30% capacity remaining. I'm running Dashboard v. 2.8.5, Firmware v. 3.5.10.
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